Teacher tribes - why you need em!

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teaching tribes

Ever been the new kid in class? Where you walk in ..... you don't know anybody. You can feel the eyes of everyone on you as you are introduced and then asked to sit down. You feel like you are watching down on yourself and are in no way comfortable in this situation at all......

YES! I know you feel that now you are about to enter (or perhaps have already entered) the classroom .... this time AS A TEACHER.

And NO- this feeling will be exactly the same! 

The first day is still the first day.... except this time the 30 eyes on you are looking at you for direction (they may also be deciding what kind of person you are straight off the bat as well..... perhaps thinking about the distractions they could cause you!). 

Teaching is hard.

It is exhausting.

In your day you will make more decisions in every minute you are in front of your class - than others may make in their whole day.

And the one thing that will help make that better? Finding your teacher tribe! 

Your teaching tribe has a very, very, specific role in the outcomes of your first years of teaching.

  • To help you decompress from the hard stuff.
  • To help trouble shoot how to approach the issues tomorrow.
  • To laugh with you and find joy in teaching and life outside of teaching.
  • To help you feel seen, heard and supported.

As much as schools are now setting up their own mentors to help you find your feet .... finding your own tribe outside of that will make the biggest difference for you! 

Mentors from the outside will bring different perspectives and ideas to your teaching, more inspiration and influence to your classroom and ultimately, give you a voice in times you feel like your voice is hidden.

Welcome to the classroom.

We are your teacher tribe and your go to hub for all things graduate teaching.

And best of all? We are here to support you- and support each other in your teaching journey! 

We are your best teacher friends- here to lift you up, support you and move you forward.

Here to have a laugh and to help you to find the longevity in your career! 

Welcome to - the classroom!